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Pray For Life (harpsichord performed by Chia-Hsuan Tsai)

Listen to the Music:

Pray for life, pray for the world, and pray with J.S.Bach. This is a very emotional music with immersive sound design.

The work is for electronic music and harpsichord with J.S. Bach's music.

This music includes four sections of J.S. Bach's music. Through each section, music gets darker, until the third section with the background of submarine sound which implied wars and suffers from life. In the last section, the music is joyful but still with underwater sounds around, which implies, through God, we found joy and go through all the mishaps in our lives and turned those mishaps into a deep blessing.

This is the ossia version specifically for the well-known Taiwanese harpsichord player, Chia-Hsuan Tsai. In the third section of the harpsichord part, she purposely chose the temperament of 415/392 Hz Werckmeister to evoke the feeling of the suffering people from different corners of the earth. Even though people from different places with different experiences of life (as the diverse temperaments tuned at the same time in this section), the empathy of the suffering leads people to overcome the bad situation.

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