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Meditation through Glass


  • Composed for a VR film exhibited at BIFAN in Korea and Immersive Pavilion at ACM Siggraph, United States

  • This is one piece of a series of auditory-visual synesthesia electroacoustic works

  • 3D and highly immersive binaural format

This is the first of a series of auditory-visual synesthesia compositions. In this series, images are transformed into 3D and immersive electroacoustic music. This composition came together with in-depth research on the relationship between the audio and visual spectrums. Please use professional speakers or low-frequency headphones to see the images of this composition in your mind’s eye.

“Meditation Through Glass” features colorful lights passing through the glass. The colors change with the different shapes of the glass. If we put ice water in the glass, the mist of water appears beautifully. When experiencing this work, I hope you feel calm and amazed by the material world.

This track is for headphones or speakers that are professional or good in low frequencies.

If your headphone is earbuds or weak in low frequencies, please go to the second link.

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