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VR App 'Journey into the World of Dimensions'

iOS App download link:

This VR game is visualizing three movements of my musical work “Journey into the World of Dimensions -for solo Saxophone, Piano, and electronic music,” which is about a traveler walking through a series of imaginary multi-dimensional worlds. Although a world with more than three dimensions is beyond many people's imagination, I draw upon research from Seth Materials suggesting that while dreaming, people are not limited by their neural system as much as when they are awake, and therefore can sense information from other dimensions. Unfortunately, the human brain does not always accurately translate images and sounds; this is why, when we recall our dreams, the narrative, imagery, and the like are foggy. Therefore, this work is more like a surrealistic (or dream-like) work.

With this VR game, a musical artwork would be more accessible to audience. And a VR game will be not only entertaining, but also more art-oriented and educational. Hope you enjoy it!

-Immersive ambient soundtrack (best for headphone)

-Designed for Google Cardboard virtual reality headset (second generation Google VR), or any VR headset with button for touching the screen.

-Stay tuned for more scenes in the future.

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