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Image of Watercolor Painting

Listen to the Music:

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This piece is inspired by watercolor paintings: the brushwork, the saturation, the ethereal scenes. This composition is a picture without hard edges or borders. It’s reflective of nature and inspired by the beauty and chaos of natural landscapes, colors, and hues.

Creating this piece with electronic sounds might not seem like the obvious choice, but it was the only choice for me. In developing this composition, I oscillated between being a composer to an artist a number of times. Throughout the process I found myself not only focused on the orchestration and the structure of the music, but more so how to bring the colors and brushstrokes in my vision to life.

I paid close attention to the landscape in my mind’s eye. I reached out to touch the weight of the cloud and feel the diminishing glow of the sunset. This sunset scene represents a sense of freedom — freedom from the day and all its physical, mental, and emotional experiences. By utilizing the visual layout of a painting in place of the rigid lines of sheet music, I could better capture the intricacies of this setting.

My work begins with light blue and magenta at daybreak. As it saturates, mixes, and blends towards the middle of my composition, where the deepest blues of the oceans and the whitest caps of the wave entangle the listener. As the work continues, the clouds reappear, and a golden yellow sunset comes into view. This mixes with oranges, and grays until the ocean blues reach it in the far distance. At the end of my piece, you may feel that the sunset is ephemeral and just outside the frame of my vision there is more to be experienced.

The music I have written is a in binaural format. For the best experience, please use headphones and listen in a quiet environment. If you close your eyes, I hope you see my watercolor painting in your mind.

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