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Hey Kid - mov. I

This music is very experimental and private. Careful for those kids' sounds!

After I have a son, I feel 99% of my time is sucked into a black hole, and there is a vivid (and violent) creature at my home. I found most of the music compositions about this creature, is praising kids' vitality, not violently primitivity. I feel I should reveal the truth — kids' primitivity in my composition, too. However, music is such a beautiful media that I am afraid it won’t be suitable for such primitivity. Therefore, I decided to use a documentary-like way, which is 50% recorded daily sounds of my life with my son, and 50% composed music, to be as frankly as possible, to speak out the truth!

The first movement is depicting a mother’s stressful and anxious morning before sending kids to school. Leaving house is simple for normal people, but certainly not for parents and kids. Besides breakfast, parents need to dress up kids, have kid brush their teeth, and even spend more than 10 minutes to have the kid wear socks. This is a battlefield!

The second movement is depicting out weekend life. Each Friday evening, after I bring my kid home, my husband and I have one goal: running out of my son’s energy. We even tried our best to find our friends’ assistant, so that we can safely go through the crazy two-days weekend.  And while you think your kid will go to bed on Sunday evening, he is still arguing that he wants to play more...

Link to Movement II: 

Please use headphone or good stereo speakers to play. Playing directly through the speaker on the cellphone will cause bad effects. 

1. Links for professional headphone or speakers (with nice low-frequency):

2. Links for normal headphone and stereo speakers:

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