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ForestBreath on App Store

personalized relaxing music


This is an interactive piece of music with super real natural sounds from forests. When you play it with a decent stereo headphone set or speakers, you will feel totally relaxed!

In this work, you (as the audience) will select the emotion (from calm, neutral, and energetic) to begin the music. The computer will choose and play a music paragraph with nature sound with a specific flute passage relating to the emotion you select. After the first passage is about to end, you will select the emotion for the following passages, and then continue this process until eight passages (the entire work) are finished.

The paragraphs of nature sounds are symbolic of our life events. Since the music paragraphs with nature sounds (life events) are selected by computer, you cannot expect which one is the next, but you get a chance to choose your reactions of emotions to the next events, and then interact with following unknown events to fulfill our life. This music by its algorithm has 997272 versions for playing, it will give you fun listening experiences.

This entire work (including App and the music) are developed and composed by Yi-Cheng (Zoe) Lin from Taiwan.

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