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Perform 'The Breath of the Forest' at WOCMAT 2019, NCTU, Taiwan

This is a work for memorizing the trip visiting the Plitvice Lakes National Park at Croatia and reflect the lives and the breath of the forest I sensed during the trip. Every time I went to nature, I felt I was integrated as a whole with nature where human-beings are from. I love the sense of connections between humans and nature.

It is very important to have natural sound to speak itself, therefore, I compose this work with 50 % of soundscapes and 50% of electronic music (with instrumental sound). The soundscapes are not backgrounds, but foreground mingled with electronic chamber music part. I synthesized sound to mimic the 'heart-beat' of nature. The instrumental sound mimics the whispers of the forest. In 21st century, we hope to connect with nature more consciously and admit it is vividly alive rather than just treats it as a “place or space” where we are living in and taking things from it without mercy.

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