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Sebastian Nagretshei, also known as Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Lin, is a tech-savvy composer with a background in AI music development. She previously worked as Chief Music Officer at an AI music company before transitioning to her current role as a full-time composer and adjunct assistant professor at National Taiwan Normal University. Currently is the Founder / CEO of


Nagretshei is known for her experiments with auditory-visual synesthesia in electroacoustic music compositions and immersive mixing techniques. Her works have been performed globally, including at the Klingt gut 2017, Audio Mostly 2017, World Saxophone Congress 2018, ICMC 2022 in Ireland, the IRCAM Forum 2022 in New York, the SICMF 2022 in Korea, and Atemporánea 2022 in Argentina. Her work has also been selected for the MOXsonic Festival 2023 in the United States, NoiseFloor2023, Earth Day Art Model 2023, Everyday is Spatial 2 of Spatial Audio Conference 2023, and NYCEMF 2023.


In addition to her electroacoustic work, Nagretshei's multidisciplinary musical compositions include both AI and VR elements. The VR film "Diving into Siraya," within her music, was exhibited at the BIFAN film festival and ACM Siggraph in the United States in 2021. Her multi-media work for solo saxophone, "Journey into the World of Dimensions," was the first contemporary music with VR scenes in Taiwan (and possibly in Asia or the world) when it premiered in 2016. It has since been performed at the World Saxophone Congress 2018 in Croatia and Sibelius-Akatemia in Finland, and demonstrated in other countries including Germany, the UK, Japan, and Hong Kong. Nagretshei's contemporary instrumental works have also been performed in the Czech Republic, Malaysia, and the United States.

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